Inspiration and goal

The scientific revolution do not rely only on having big and new ideas, but also in devoting ourselves to sharing them widely.

This is the DivulgaMicro inspiration, a project dedicated to stimulate Brazilian young scientists to spread their scientific results in a broader and clear way, ensuring the engagement and increasing the popular awareness of the importance of Brazilian science.

Communication is one of the most valued ability in the current information age; and can have a big impact in scientist’s career. However, the scientific methods that we learn in the university and that we apply in our laboratory researches may not be as useful for enhancing this ability, because communication it is not pure science, it is also art.

As such, the best way to achieve success in this area is through practice. The DivulgaMicro offers, free of charge, different tools and resources focused on scientific communication that can be used by scientists and nonscientists. In addition, DivulgaMicro offers an itinerant program of workshops aiming to train and qualify students and researchers on this topic.

Inspire yourself, communicate and welcome to DivulgaMicro!

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