Science outreach

DivulgaMicro provides, free of charge, a collection of activities that can be done with the general public, including children, adolescents and elementary and high school students, in order to disseminate relevant concepts on Microbiology. The activities were originally provided in English by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and were translated to Portuguese. Check out the available activities:

In this activity, students will discuss about the positive impact of microorganisms in our daily life and its potential application, in order to demystify the “fear” around them.
This activity consists in a card game that confronts the immune system, public health and medical defenses against a variety of pathogens. By discovering which defense strategy is effective against each pathogen and then looking for patterns, the participants will acquire basic knowledge about how each defense strategy acts for the maintenance of our organism health.
This activity was proposed to demonstrate to the students how microorganisms can survive and reproduce, explaining the effects that the environment has on the stability of a microbial community and the adaptations that are necessary for them to survive in adverse situations.
This activity is quite interactive and aims to simulate the way in which pathogens can spread among a population. The participants will have the opportunity to simulate the tracking of an infectious agent among a population to better understand in which ways these agents spread from person to person and what strategies can be used to prevent outbreaks.
This is a simple and fun activity where participants answer a quiz that is based on personality characteristics associated by analogy with human microbiome microorganisms.

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) offers a collection of several lessons to introduce concepts of the microbial world in K-12 science classrooms or through community-based events and programs. They can be found at

DivulgaMicro has translated some of these lessons to Portuguese. Check them out below:

More activities will be available soon! All activities were translated and adapted to Portuguese from the material originally provided in English by the American Society for Microbiology. The translated material was developed in partnership with the ASM/UFRJ International Student Chapter.

International Student Chapters are a student-based organizations supported by ASM. Present at academic institutions around the world, the Chapters promote the mission of ASM by offering educational and professional development resources and opportunities for students interested in microbiology. The vision of this program is to foster a new generation of leaders committed to the development of science, as well as to create a global environment that encourages scientific exchange, crossing traditional political boundaries in search of shared development.

Academic institutions from any country in the world can implement a ASM International Student Chapter, which represents a great opportunity for those who are engaged or want to engage in activities of university extension and science communication. The establishment of an International Student Chapter has no cost, and the only prerequisite is that the participants are members of ASM. Click here ( and check out a quick guide on how to establish an International Student Chapter at your institution, or if you prefer, contact us and we will assist you in the process!